Thursday, September 18, 2008

Border Crossing

My friend Anna tells me they used to be called U Turns. Now they say Visa Run, but the concept is the same.

After two months here, I must leave Thailand, enter somewhere else, renew my Visa, turn around, come back.

Stations of transit in all countries are the same.

At least, they inspire the same feelings in me: restlessness, loneliness, excitement.

I had forgotten how much I love staring out a bus window.

Four hours later, we arrive at the Thai-Burma border.

These in-between places fascinate me.

On one side of the river is Thailand, on the other Burma. Thailand. Burma. Thailand. Burma.

Here I go:

And here I return:

Travel is odd. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here. But I must be on the right track somehow, because crossing from Burma to Thailand, I make a new friend. And we talk the whole way back.

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