Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Walking Street Market

Every Sunday night in Chiang Mai, the Walking Street Market sets up in the Old City. It is filled with Thailand's usual mix of old and new, the touristy and the traditional.

A golden Buddha glows

beside my new friend Maggie.

Racks of clothing tempt us:

And lights:

A fellow shopper agrees to be photographed:

Back at home, I contemplate the day's best find:

Absurdly cute rabbit people!


zjw said...

I love reading these posts. Impatiently awaiting the next one!

al said...

just wanted you to know, I am following you
in thailand
while in nyc,
well lets be honest, Brooklyn mostly.
I like your pictures, and words.
It reminds me of traveling, of being in Chaing Mai too. Of adventuring.
You are 26 now and I am 28
you are always a reminder of how old I was 2 years ago...some things never change. I can't sleep. Because I have an interview tomorrow. Sigh!
love you
oh and Countrybelle, f the newyorker... aliya