Thursday, October 30, 2008


A few weeks ago, on our way to Mae Sot, we saw a huge bathroom warehouse beside the superhighway. Justin wanted to find it again. But we couldn't.

Instead we stopped at an orchid farm, the plants alien in their precise rows:

And Justin took this picture of me, looking startled:

(A fashion side note: that dress cost only b150, less than $5!)

Next we passed a spirit house store

where the empty houses waited (Do they keep bad spirits out or welcome good spirits in?)

and ate a huge lunch at the vegetarian buffet. This is Justin's first plate-full:

Later, Maggie convinced me to leave the apartment after 10 pm.

Emily and I pose like Thai girls:

We took a songtheow to Riverside.

Got tipsy on Sang Som. Felt superior to the backpacker crowd.

At midnight, I was happy to go home.


Anya said...

You pictures are awesome. I love the exotic sites and the food (yum). But what exactly is a bathroom warehouse?

Tobey said...

A bathroom warehouse is a huge warehouse that sells toilets (and sinks)!