Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last Thursday I took the all day bus to Bangkok to meet Justin. To my surprise, I accidentally bargained down the price of the ticket!

The bus was sillily ornate.

And the views from the window sometimes reminded me of the drive between Portland and Eugene. But maybe it was just the feeling of going to see Justin.

Here he is, appropriately blurry, severely jetlagged.

Bangkok at night:

A billboard we both loved:

In a shop full of herbs and remedies:


It was a Buddhist holiday; everyone was in white. This beautiful lady turned and caught me photographing her:

Bangkok street fashion:

The train station:

Justin and I decided to take the overnight train, but all the sleeper cars were full. In the second class, air-conditioned car we felt every bang and shutter of the train. But a stewardess served Nescafe, rice, and sticky pastries. Which was good because we'd eaten all our snacks waiting to leave the station.

On the long ride, I thought about all the places I wanted to bring Justin in Chiang Mai. It almost felt like returning home.

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