Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Live Modeling

To earn a little extra money and to see what it's like, I sit for an art class.

It is quite boring (though not as boring as meditation), but I love seeing all the different visions of myself when the artists are done.

I am either voluptuous and womanly

or a cartoon.

My good friend Alexia does a whole series

ranging from scary to pretty.

She gives me this one. I feel validated and narcissistic, which is fun!


Veronica said...

I love the last two, they are really beautiful!

Jocelyn M. Berger said...

You don't look like a cartoon, you look gorgeous in the paintings! Good for you!

judy said...

Tobey, these are amazing! Congratulations on doing something (else) very brave! I also think the last 2 are the best.

devorah said...

You are the coolest person ever. I am in love with the one you got to keep--can't wait to see it in person!