Thursday, October 23, 2008

One of the Best Things That's Happened in Thailand

Some Background:

Wawee is a coffee chain in Chiang Mai. I imagine it must be like Starbucks was when it was only in Seattle and still cool. Wawee has the best coffee in Thailand and maybe the best coffee I've ever had. It is good. And wonderful. Yes.

Well, a few weeks ago, Maggie and I were in Wawee (the big Wawee, by the gym), delaying going to work and indulging in the delicious deliciousness of lattes, while a commercial was being shot there. They were filming a man in a chef's shirt holding a credit card.

"Who is that," we asked one of the crew members, figuring he was some Thai celebrity.
"That's the owner of Wawee," he said.

So we got to meet him! Here are the very awkward photos to prove it:


Sarah said...

And? Coffee was on him that day? You two were in the commercial?
Looks like a funny visit ;)

devorah said...

you look pretty :)