Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One of my favorite blog finds, the tea drinking english rose, requested blog posts about comfort from those who read her (as you should too! she is deliciously girly, like a strawberry cookie). And this suggestion seemed particularly relevant to my life now, since I miss the comforts of home so often.

What comforts me: early mornings, peanut butter on toast, tea or coffee with milk.

I like to be alone or just quiet for a little while in the morning. Reading, thinking, daydreaming. Munching on a breakfast treat.

It's best if I can look out the window on our snow-covered yard in Ashfield.

Those of you who have been there know it is a place of comfort like no other. Made more valuable by the people who inhabit it.

My mom writes, "My favorite time of the day is the walk across the field to the round house, lighting the incense and sometimes a fire, chanting the heart sutra... Then I love the walk back across the field. Often dinner is in the oven or on the stove as a chili or stew or soup."

And from my dad, "I am sitting in the living room by the fire. The snow outside has just turned to rain. Vivian just brought me a tray with tea. Caleb just called. You just emailed. Tomorrow is my last day of teaching before a long holiday weekend."

In the meantime, while I have no snow-covered field to traipse across, no fire to sit by, I will content myself with sitting on this tropical porch:

And making myself at home in this beautiful room:

The kinds of natural peanut butter and hearty toast I love are hard to come by. But there is a stove and a coffeemaker in the kitchen where Justin is working. Every morning, he makes a perfect bowl of oats for us and a strong pot of coffee.


Jocelyn M. Berger said...

True that your family's home in Ashfield is the comfort and awesome capital of the east coast, if not the entire United States, or even continent. But it looks like where you are is absolutely gorgeous and these dark pictures give it an otherworldly, kind of mystical presence. I hope you are able to soak in its beauty even amidst your missing the comforts of pb and toast. I miss you and your family! Love to you and them too.

Maggie May said...

you have a beautiful eye for life.

Couture Carrie said...

Love PB on toast!! Yummy post :)


StickyKitten said...

Very interesting blog! I really like the pictures and the tales from afar! It must be worth the sacrafice of comfort to see such amazing sights.

Alisa said...

What a great post! Comfort... a hot cup of coffee in the early morning quiet. That's comfort for me.

the sassy kathy said...

hi countrybelle! thanks for your lovely comment. i love all of your photos - and am so impressed by your move and taking a risk in thailand. good for you! look forward to reading more.