Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election from Here

Tuesday night it was still morning in the US. Across Thailand, I imagine, small gatherings of Americans and on-lookers milled about with the TV on.

Our gathering drank boxed wine and ate pizza, two precious commodities.

Wednesday morning I had the same feeling I have on holidays, that I wanted to be with people I love. The UN Irish Pub would have to do.

There a mix of tourists and ex-pats waited, drinking Guinness (even rarer than boxed wine)

and sending our cheers across the world.

When they called Virginia and declared Obama president, we all started crying. Along with the people in Chicago and Los Angeles and Kenya. Along with my parents in Massachusetts and my brother in DC and my friends in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Northampton.

And I was homesick for a country I am finally proud of.

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Daisy said...

I am 47 years old, and I cannot remember an election this exciting. Partying in the streets -- and it wasn't even a Super Bowl game!