Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Explanation

Over the last four months I've spent a lot of time sitting at a computer. Because of this I've discovered MILLIONS OF BLOGS! Blogs are so cool! Seriously. And I have one! Yay!

But because of these discoveries I've seen many of the neat and creative and lovely and quirky things people are doing with their blogs. And I want to do more with mine. Also, I'm kindof sick of telling mini photo-stories about Thailand. Also, I'm not a particularly talented photographer. Also, I won't be in Thailand forever (thank god), and I want to keep posting here.

So I'm changing this into I don't know exactly what yet. I started by labeling all my posts. You can now search them by category (because I knew you were dying to do that): just words, links, lists, self help, self portraits, stories, street fashion, and thoughts and images.

Maybe you, my wonderful friends and family (and strangers! are there strangers who look at my blog?), could tell me what you'd like more of.


Cris M. said...

thx for visit my blog! :)

Maggie May said...

hey Tobey :) i have a friend who moved to Thailand years ago and he has told me amazing stories. i'm glad you found me. what kind of fiction do you write? shorts, novel, etc?

Anonymous said...

I feel you. I'm in the same place of "what am I doing with this" and "where am I going". But I think your readers will love going on the ride with you!

the tea drinking english rose said...

aw bless you.
whatever you wish to blog about, we will all adore it.
you should very much post things that you feel like posting about. or things that make you happy.

thank you for your sweet comment.

cuileann said...

Hurrah! says the new stranger.

I'm liking the "self-help" posts.

Ali said...

haha, where did you find all those blogs? I like the visualblogging one, it's cool. I always get jealous when people post really nice, clear pictures on their blogs (like dooce!) I like your blog, and I hope your trip is going well :)