Saturday, November 22, 2008

Laos, A Very Long Bus Ride, and A Note About the Photos

First, about the photos.

I've been using Mike's camera since mine was STOLEN (thank you, Mike), and I swear to god I didn't do anything to it, but recently it has been doing strange things (I'm sorry, Mike!). When I take pictures outside, the camera lets too much light in, and the pictures are just white brightness. When I take pictures inside, but still in daylight, they look like this one of Justin peeling a muffin:

When I take pictures at night, with a flash, they look normal, like this picture of our drinks in Vientiane:

So I don't know what to do, except take lots of indoor or nighttime pictures, like this one of all the oranges on the sidewalks of Luang Prabang:

We arrived in Laos a few days ago. They have cheaper wine here. And cheese! Also delicious European-style pastries. This is because Laos was colonized by the French, apparently. And because of something to do with import taxes.

At any rate, it took us a very long time to get from Vientiane, the capitol, to Luang Prabang, which is where we are now.

On the ride, I read some of War and Peace, which we picked up in Chiang Mai, figuring it would take at least two months to read.

But mostly I just looked out the window and at my fellow passengers. It occurred to me how perfectly we are all ourselves. For example, these two faery-like Icelandic girls with their blond blond hair:

(I know, I took their picture while they were sleeping! And now I'm sharing it with the internet!)

If I could've, I would've taken pictures of the landscape; it was breathtaking and terrifying. Through the miles of uninhabited mountains, our crumbling road seemed like the only one in all of Laos, which it almost is. I wish you could've seen it.

I was so excited to arrive in Luang Prabang, a city of winding streets and open cafes.

There is magic in it.


Couture Carrie said...

Sorry about your camera!
Thanks for sharing your journey; I like what you said about magic :)


Ali said...

I really liked this post :)
LP sounds awesome, though we missed you guys at our housewarming party last night!

Alisa said...

Hi Tobey!
Sorry to hear about your camera... that sucks.
Enjoy War and Peace! I read it during my 8th month of pregnany, a loooong time ago, which worked out well for me. That book is so thick and heavy, but I was able to use my belly as a book rest! LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog.