Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Pink Mini Pork Ball Lady

I'm not sure what pork balls are, other than pork rolled in balls, kindof like hot dogs are pork rolled in tubes. Mini pork balls are just like pork balls, but smaller.

The Pink Mini Pork Ball Lady wears all pink and pigtails, though she must be past thirty. She drives around the city to grill mini pork balls in the back of her pink van. When I see her I feel both sorry for and jealous of her, stuck in her haven of meat and cuteness.


Jocelyn M. Berger said...

Hahahaha haven of meat and cuteness. That needs to be the name of your first book, or we should start a band (a frand! a band of friends!) and have that be the title of our first kickass album.

JenX67 said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your profile. You are published - on your blog! It cures my disappointment, too. So, the pink mini pork ball lady - she could have been at the girlie show in okc today, and this is in Thailand? Wow. A pink van in Thailand. ( - a female art show.)