Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Things About Chiang Mai

(You think I'm going to say the food, but I'm not!)

1. No catcalls, whistles, comments, or come-ons EVER. This can, occasionally, seem like a bad thing.
2. Making friends is easier here than anywhere I've been since college. (But only ex-pat friends. The language barrier makes it difficult to make friends with Thais.)
3. The prospect of telling people I've lived in Thailand once I get back.
4. The prices! Shopping for clothes is amazing, not to mention the cost of living.
5. The obsession with cute. There are adorable handmade things everywhere.
6. Strange and wonderful fruit!
7. Wawee coffee.
8. Broad beans (as satisfying as peanuts but healthier)

(I guess numbers 6-8 are edible. But Thai food itself I am still not a fan of. Right now I would be happy if I never ate Thai food again.)


Anonymous said...

ahhh that makes me wanna go to thailand!

Maggie May said...

love these tidbits from afar.

cuileann said...

I have a backpacker friend who's spent some time in Chiang Mai. Everything you and she have told me about it make it sound so enticing...

Rosie Posie said...

thannk you ever so ever so much for the lovely comments tat you have been leaving me. i have been reading them and smileing and smileing, and then feeling terrible that my computer wont let me reply!!! but today it seems to be letting me. so...

the pictures from your last post are amazing!!! not so wonderful that they have been without electricity and water, obviously (i do hope that its getting better for them!!) but the pictures are beautiful!!! your house loks so amazing also...

this list is very sweet, it sounds like you have quite a wonderful place to live!!

i hope this comment gets to you ok sweetie

She's Dressing Up said...

Ooh I want to try Wawee coffee!