Monday, December 15, 2008

What I'm Missing

Back in Massachusetts, the roads look like this:

Here are my neighbors, trying to get out of their driveway:

My parents tell me it is the worst ice storm they have ever seen. They've been without water, phone or electricity for five days.

Here is the apple tree that has stood outside my bedroom window my whole life:

That's my bedroom, underneath it.

And here I am, safe and warm in Chiang Mai, longing for snow.

(Pictures by my dad)


Anonymous said...

wow. good old new england winter. those houses are adorable, though. the snow, too. now thats a true winter over there...

AnastasiaC said...

its beautiful but I could never imagine living with so much snow...i think I wouldnt be able to cope...guess Im not used to that kind of environment, im sure a white Christmas is pretty special huh?

aethena said...

yes, it is quite a sight. the amazing thing is that it was all about elevation. northampton is dry, snowless and iceless.
i hope your parents are staying warm and that there isn't damage to your home.
i love you joven- through ice and snow and oceans away.

Sprinkle said...

Hello there! Thanks for your lovely comment.
I got my background at moobackgrounds... Google them, because I'm not sure of the exact address...
But they have lots of fabulous little background codes...

You go into your blogger dashboard and click 'layout' and then click 'edit html' and scroll down to the very bottom of all of that rubbish and paste the code you got from moo backgrounds (of the background of your choice) and paste it into the very end. Then save.

Did that make sense? I think there are some other websites with blogger backgrounds but I found that Moo Backgrounds was the easiest to use...

Merry Christmas, and keep reading!

cuileann said...

Ah...:)One of the passages I remember most clearly from a Vietnamese novel described the narrator's exile to Russian winters. Sounds like you've got the reverse.

That picture with the Buddha - crazy! I've never seen ice like that.

Couture Carrie said...

Yes we are having a major icestorm here in the Northeast!
Poor trees . . .


Sarah said...

That last shot is amazing! (Sorry about your tree, your parents are TUFF.)
mwah, sah

devorah said...

These pictures are so beautiful, I love photographs. Hope your parents are okay!! And you, too! Mwah!

Sprinkle said...

Thanks for your comment! So sorry the background didn't work... Hmmm. Its so hard to explain... I'd google tutorials or something... Sorry!

And thanks for the compliment... Your comments always make me grin from ear to ear!

Rianna Bethany said...

Those icey snow scenes look mad! Imagine if you woke up one morning and a tree was on your roof! I send love to your parents who are without electricity and water.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

Melissa said...

Hello Tobey!

I just got your comment.

I stopped posting on this blog because I started a Livejournal to keep up with all my college friends.

Hopefully, I'm back at it...sporadically...

Love following your pictures. Hope all is well during your sojourn in Thailand. We miss you so often and so much at the JS!


Jenna said...

THanks for visiting me, as well!

I do love my room >.<
But your house is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to walk about in the snow and explore, it's so pretty!