Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indoor Days

Yesterday, I woke up early like always, went downstairs to eat toast and drink tea. I have been drinking tons of tea.

My dad and I were sucked into the internet. But he escaped for a little while:

My mother and I decided to make applesauce. With apples from our trees! Look how many:

These were the bad ones:

We began by chopping.

And wound up with a huge pot full.

It simmered on the stove, smelling like sweet cinnamon and cloves.


Today I'm making applesauce cake.

Now what?

Drink delicious latte:

Clean bedroom?

Fantasize about dinner:


StickyKitten said...

Chloe, I love your house! I can't believe you have apple trees, you lucky girl! That is awesome!
Also~I received your post card this weekend! THANK YOU! My boyfriend's brother is a teacher in Thailand, so we are scanning the post card to him to find out what it means ;-)
I will send you some special mail this week too! Have a great week!!

david mcmahon said...

Apple sauce with apples from YOUR OWn trees! Now that's luxury.

Anonymous said...

you make your own apple sauce?!?!?!? and from your own trees?!?!? thats so cool. was it good?

noelle chantal said...

oh wow your house looks really chic! and having apple tress in the backyard? ah bonus!

sweet home! :)

zjw said...

Oh, Tobey, I want to make applesauce cake with you! I've never heard of such a thing, but it sounds amazing.

Looks like you're having a lovely time :).

Miss you...

sparkle said...

wauw your day seems so warm and comfortable. i miss days like that. i miss family when i see this.
you must have a beautiful heart
im happy i found your blog

Indie.Tea said...

O your house is just darling!