Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm home! But very tired right now.

But look at all the wonderful things I've already done.

Sat all morning with my parents at our kitchen table:

Ate cereal with soymilk and raisins:

Oh my god, I missed cereal!

Drank tea:

I brought this red tea dust back from Thailand. With milk it turns an incredible shade of orange.

Admired the snow:

Felt intimidated by how much stuff I own:

I wonder how I ever decided what to wear.

Stayed in pajamas all day, read magazines, ate cheese, drank wine. It is good.


Annabelle said...

Glad you arrived home safely :-) Sounds as if you had one of those perfectly relaxing days... mmmm: tea, wine, cheese, magazines and pyjamas - splendid! Bet your parents are happy to have you home?

cuileann said...

How wonderful it looks and sounds for you!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good day to me :)

Clayton's Photos said...

glad to hear you're home. i've been waiting for the return home post. are you going to continue? hey, come over sometime, we'll have a bite to eat.

Travelling Lightly said...

Ooooh yes please let's be blog friends! I think my parents might be the only ones reading my blog as of now, but that's ok. I'm not cranky at all anymore. Long weekends are the best remedy. Enjoy Mass. It looks beautiful!