Wednesday, February 25, 2009


At Nora's parents' house, her mom is raising alpacas. They have fabulous names, like Elvis and Tina Turner.

And one has an amazing snaggle tooth.

Nora, Synphany, and I tromp around the barn trying to get them to hum.

Did you know alpacas hum? They also spit, like camels.

And when you pet one your hand sinks about four inches into its coat.

Maybe I should raise alpacas!

It doesn't look too hard...

Aethena and Beignet (how on earth do you spell that?):

Back inside:

Nora and Syphany are thinking about moving back to this area. Oh I hope they do!


Erratic Traveller said...

Oh my goodness I just love that whole family and their lovely alpacas!

nora said...

Awww.. <3 this all.. by the way, the one that *looks* like Tina Turner is actually named Marshall Dillon.

Sarah said...

You guys should totes move back. I learned totes from you, I think.
Hi Tobey! Welcome back! Feel free to call anytime! :)

Anonymous said...

i say... yes! tobey! raise some alpacas... please! and then i'll come over with two drop spindles and we'll spin...
clayton and i have a couple of silly goodies for you... so, a play date must be arranged!
(p.s. your secret is safe with me!)

Anonymous said...

awww...the alpacas are so cute! has a snaggletooth! he's (or is it she's?) adorable!

cuileann said...

I think alpacas are so cool.

StickyKitten said...

oh, how cute they are!!! they kinda look like lamas. i want to pet one!! the picture with the dog kissing the alpaca is the best.xo