Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Best Things About Home

1. Aethena

Dinner at her and Noah's on Wednesday. They have two of my favorite cats ever. Moochi (sp?) and Penelope act just like dogs.

They beg and fetch and like to be snuggled.

(Our feral cat won't even come inside, though she likes to sit at the window and hiss.)

The company was good as well. We discovered our mutual addiction to Rock of Love and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Why is bad reality TV so good!?

2. Writing group

Every Tuesday, four or five others and I assemble in Edite's living room. For three hours we write and read, share favorite poems, inspiration, a pot of soup. I am by far the youngest member.

Edite was my very first writing teacher in eighth grade.

She is one of the reasons I love writing. And because of this group (among other things), I keep at it.


ae said...

Mookie and Penny love you too, Auntie Tobey!

noelle chantal said...

oh, adorable cats! so cute! :)

naturally nina said...

I love your blog too! :) Can't wait to get a cup of tea and peruse your archives!