Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Small Things

I've been sick.

Yesterday I spent the whole day on the couch.

But I'm better today.

Sunday was my dad's 60th birthday.

We ate a yummy brunch.

Porgy and Bess were festively attired.

I gave him this fake Styrofoam mug.

Isn't it cool?!

I have been very lazy when it comes to this blog, and for that, I apologize.


Cuileann said...

Yes! One of my friends has that mug; it is cool.

And yes. You should blog more.

Eden said...

your blog is really nice and warm! i do love how you blog a bit about your life in the country. definitely something us urbanites would like to have more in our life.:)

hope your computer's gonna be fine. glad to have encountered ur blog!

much love


Noelle Chantal said...

awwww Porgy and Bess looks so CUTE with their outfits! your family brunch looks so yummy. looks like it was a great celebration for your dad. and i hope you're feeling better now. :)